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We are NoA Health.

Nice to meet you!

Have you ever dreamed of a specialized Healthcare Advertising Agency consisting of passionate individuals who love Healthcare. An Agency that "gets it". That has the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions at the get go of all projects. That gives you the confidence of the right strategic foundation to build from and thereby to aim higher and go further.

If thats your dream, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We have the full toolbox to help healthcare evolve and create sustainable growth

Our range of capabilities cover all levels of
strategic transformation

Corporate branding, global product positioning and communication.

Digital tools and services that support the brand.

Internal and external communication tactics.


Beliefs that drive us

We believe in hiring outstanding people so we can provide best in class solutions for our clients

We believe in the Healthcare Industry and you will feel it

We believe in respecting and admiring strong craftmanship in all disciplines as this gives you the optimal result and desired business impact

We believe in having many different disciplines and personalities because it enables us to both solve your marketing challenges and to identify and reap opportunities


We believe that to win for our clients it is about having drive, passion and always the ambition to aim higher and go further

We believe in having a stimulating environment to inspire you and us


Our Family

NoA Health is part of the North Alliance, so when you need specialized competencies we include colleagues from our sister agencies. This works seamlessly and with one point of contact; NoA Health.


Let’s meet !

Questions you are probably asking when considering a Healthcare Advertising Agency…

  • Do they have the right size and competencies?
  • Do they have the right mindset for a global setting?
  • Can they challenge us, whilst also respecting us and our regulations?
  • Do they ”get it” and understand that sometimes we need also to explore and therefore have many iterations?
  • Can they deliver big ideas as well as the the traditional marketing materials?
  • Can they help us in managing our internal stakeholders?
  • Do we like them and can they inspire us?
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If you have any of the above or other questions, please contact:

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